Racist N.H. Police Commissioner Resigns, Right Wingers and Republicans across the Nation Set to Decry the “Violation” of his Free Speech

John O’Connor

The horrible racist New Hampshire police commissioner who called Barack Obama a “n*****” — and who subsequently proudly and defiantly defended doing so — has resigned.

Good riddance to that disgrace of a person.

But now we have to get ready for the right wing and Republican gnashing of teeth and studied head shaking about his supposed “loss” of his right to free speech.

Such tripe is utter nonsense designed to deflect from the fact that bigoted speech is real and has real consequences for real people. And that sometimes includes retrograde throwbacks who say idiotic things in public.

Sometimes, just sometimes, they have to suffer actual consequences for their actions. You say an ignorant and bigoted thing like this buffoon did, and you occasionally have to deal with consequences for that.

But right wingers and most Republicans reject that. They demand to right to be ignorant bigots, which of course they have in spades. No one can stop them from being either ignorant or bigoted.

But the problem is that they also demand the right to not experience any consequences for their ignorant and bigoted speech acts.

And when they are not granted this wish, we all must listen to them whine about this loss of privilege that is so unfair and mean to the ignorant and the bigoted.

But no one who doesn’t already believe that absurd notion is going to buy what they’re trying to sell.

Cross posted at Daily Kos.


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