Right Wingers Will Be Unable to Resist Defending Cheney

By John O’Connor

Steve Benen writes on the jabs that Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney traded this week:

Even putting aside questions about foreign policies and the public’s war weariness, Bill Clinton vs. Dick Cheney is the kind of match-up that Democrats welcome.

Love him or hate him, the former Democratic president is enormously popular. A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found Clinton is easily the most admired president of the last quarter century. Whatever one might think of his presidency, Clinton is one of the most well liked figures on the planet.

Dick Cheney is … Dick Cheney. The man’s name is synonymous with violence and failure. Outside of far-right circles, Cheney enjoys little credibility, even less respect, and is more often seen as a punch-line to a painful joke.

The more Cheney rears his head and reminds the country of what it mean to put the reins of power in the hands of lunatic war mongering extremist Republicans, the better. And I agree with Benen’s conclusion that Cheney, who should really be in jail, picking very public fights not just with Obama but also with Clinton is not good for the Republicans.

Hell, even Laura Ingraham gets that.

But what will be especially damaging is that some of the rank and file right wingers as well as pundits and politicians will loudly and emphatically defend Dick Freaking Cheney.

Many will simply not be able to help themselves. The tribal knee jerk reaction will set in and will have to be expressed. Cheney’s reference to Clinton’s sex life, coupled with the reactions of liberals, progressives and Democrats, will make silence impossible.

I share Booman’s skepticism about the good electoral results the GOP is supposed by some to be guaranteed this time around.

Cross posted at Daily Kos.


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